CRM and Project Management App for an Insulation Firm

Problem Statement

An Insulation firm's founder wanted to automate his work so he could focus on growth on his organization.


Primary discussions, planning and tech stack.

We automated client’s firm’s whole workflow as per the information and requirements. We presented a concept of an application for the client’s firm, which manages CRM, projects, and tasks that needed minimal interaction by the client and his team, and client approved our idea. Client gave us a work flow chart, asked us if we could automate his firm's whole workflow so that he could focus on his growth. After a round of detailed discussions, we finally presented a concept of CRM+Project and task management app that needed minimal interaction by him and his team. We conceptualize a custom solution that could be managed by a single person. The client had a team of 35-40 people, who would be regularly notified via browser and SMS about tasks assigned to them and could update the system when they are done with the task.

Early wireframes and visual designs

After few weeks of early discussions, we conceptualize the solution docs, and prepared low fidelity wire-frames, the client loved the concept and asked us about a few more features, including in-app chat.
After the concept and wireframes were finalized, we moved on to visual design of the solution. A lot of time was spent on getting the user experience and visual design right.


We finalized to use Angular6, NodeJs and it's express framework with a materialized framework of CSS and MySql as it's database.
Hence, we successfully completed this whole project.


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